Yam Jam @ Copper

On Friday the Copper Mountain Yam Jam Presented by Woodward@Copper went down. This event presents a battlefield for groms and ams to try to best each other. Lots of hiking, COLD weather, and a light snow set the tone for the event, but it did not deter the 35+ athletes from hiking the rails for hours.

Registration @ The CAGE - woodwards retail store

Who doesn't like donuts?

The Cage is one of the coolest shops ever, great gear, chill vibe

this place is complete with editing bays...

...ping pong table, video games, huge bean bags, and the list goes on

Rider meeting at the top of the course

Girls drop first



Judges, tallying results between divisions


K-feds and Switch-ups made up the majority of tricks thrown

Closest thing to a Michael Jackson on skis


Shameless Copper logo placement



Blue on blue

Gnar nosepress on tele-skis

Throwin' a shoe


Ryan from woodward GTS-ing

1st place, Women's Ski

Mens Ski Open Class Winner

Yam Rail Jam, good times!

A big shout-out goes to David Roth at Copper, thanks for the support!

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