Tall Tees and Tacos

While many resorts across the nation have already shut down or are on their final weekend operations, Loveland was hosting the annual Tall Tees & Tacos Slopestyle Competition. Geared towards the younger, amateur crow, TT&T is one of the most laid back and fun competitions to participate in. The $20 entry fee may seem steep to some, but after you weight in the fact that all competitors recieve a Tall Tee, Mountain Dew, and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos it becomes extremely affordable. Not to mention there is also the $10K+ in prizes that are awarded.

We arrived early to Loveland with snow pounding down the whole way (it continued throughout the day) and were slightly worried that the weather conditions may influence some to stay home. To our surprise over 90 competitors showed up, and immediately began lapping the Love Park. Park Crew had a busy day, with snow continously falling they maintained the features extremely well. This is a great competition for all ages, especially 15 and under. The entire way down the course there are both large and small features, allowing each athlete to choose their line.

After a few hours of competition runs, to many tacos, and eventually a little bit of sunlight, Tall Tees & Tacos was over. Next stop was the cafeteria for the awards ceremony and swag raffle. TT&T had some of the most big ticket prizes for one comp I have ever seen, and the athletes were all smiles as they stepped up onto the podium to claim theirs.

Dustin aka The Hulk

Spectators line up at to watch Jump #2

Sliding the flat-down



Specific Request: Take a picture of us looking thug

Heading back to the top for their second run

Guest judge Walter Wood focusing on scores

Groms everywhere


Mastering the Roller Coaster Box

Duncan checking in on his event

Handdrag 3 off the hip

Sponsor City

Walter Woods autograph, worth more to these two than gold

The Cart of Prizes

Duncan getting ready to announce the winners

Girls Podium

Womens Podium

Boys Champion

Youth Male Winners

Teen Winners

Mens Podium

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