Alpine Meadows Groupon

Yes, you can groupon 4th of July skiing at Alpine Meadows. Now. Here –

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Powderhorn Ski Resort hits the auction block

Feel like putting down a bid? The Powderhorn Ski Resort, located on Grand Mesa, will sell at real estate auction on August 4. This fantastic resort will sell at absolute auction with no minimums and no reserves.

contact for more information regarding the sale.

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Jiberish Summer Lookbook

6.3.11 – Jiberish releases summer lookbook of their fresh new threads –

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Stunt Skiers

This video gives the term stunt skiing a new meaning. No, we are not talking about a halfpipe, but about hollywood stuntman JT Holmes.

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High Fives Annual Golf Tourney

While resorts all over the place are planning to reopen for select weekends this summer, the guys at the High Fives Non-profit Foundation are focused on more season-appropriate activities. You know what we are talking about, GOLF! Check out this video of their recent tournament.

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Go jump over a chairlift

Boreal Mountain Resort posted up some pictures on their facebook page of a rad looking jump today. Sure, we’ve all seen our fair share of jumps and post-season features, but this one stands out in my mind and once you see the photo you’ll probably understand why.

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No Park = Unhappy Campers

Spring terrain park’s are one of the best parts of the Ski Season. You will find dedicated skiers hiking rails or lapping the mini-(regular if your lucky!) jump line up until the last hour a resort is open. Thankfully, most resorts with terrain parks seem to understand this, despite the increased workload of maintaining features with the higher temperatures. According to, Squaw hasn’t had a terrain park since May 8th 2011. Check out their full post about it here

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